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Friday, November 19, 2010

Welcome to Work Boxes

Sue Patrick started the Workbox system to help organize the day for children. It is best if you purchase her book, you can get it through hard copy or ebook, either way you will get lots of great tips on how to help you help your child. The work box system helps your child learn to be independent, stay focused, allows them to learn about schedules and how to work with them. The more you get them involved in that process, the more they learn from it as well.

It is not too early to start them on the system either. You can start them as young as 6 months, of course they can not complete science projects at that age, but just the concept of putting an activity into a box, or tray and allowing them to go to it and focus on it until they are done before they move unto the next will start to set them up for future good behavior habits.

You do not have to limit yourself to just boxes, many of us have had to adapt it and modify it to the individual needs of each child either due to their personal preference, capabilities and of course space is a huge factor for us too. You do not have to be a homeschooler at all to use this system, you can have a classroom, or a daycare either at a facility or at home. With this system the concept is so easily adaptable to any setting and any materials your using.

This system also is very flexible with any curriculum your using, you do not have to use Sue's shoe box style, you can start out like that. before you invest in any of your "storage" products take a look at your learning materials, look at everything. The books, supplies, worksheets, workbooks, teachers manuals, folders, etc. Then ask yourself does mom need a mom workbox system too? Many of us on the yahoo list have found that the children are getting so much out of using this system that we as parents and teachers can also benefit from using something similar. Then after looking at all your supplies look at your space, where on earth will you put it, how many children do you have? take all this into consideration, and then figure out what you will go with as far as shelves, boxes, and storages.

This will be a team blog, So you will be able to get many different sides of the workbox systems uses. So make sure you come follow along, click the follow button, subscribe by email, and join the yahoo lists which will get you personal one on one hand holdings and much more like printables and more.